Monday, January 16, 2006

Problems w/ Sprint PPC-6700 & Activesync

Realizing that a good amount of my time is spent on my Sprint PPC-6700, I recently started having problems w/ Activesync and my Small Business Server 2003 being overly friendly... Namely, the error code 0x85010014 continued to reoccur whenever it wanted.

Several items to remedy the issue:

1) Ensure that your version is OK on your IIS 6 websites. Mainly, check out the Microsoft-Activesync-Server, Exchange, Exchweb, etc. for correct versions.

2) Ensure that your directory authenication/security is in line w/ default values. Please review the following for more information:

3) Check here for a great fix that helped lock in the changes:;en-us;817379

After you hit all the open changes, try it again... So far, several hours from my fixes, all is working well again!

Best of luck!

Monday, January 9, 2006

Mail Merge Tips from Microsoft

Microsoft has put together some great tutorials on how to accomplish many of the tasks within its Microsoft Office suite of applications... I certainly get a ton of requests on HOW TO when it comes to MAIL MERGE within Microsoft Word.

Here is a great tutorial from Microsoft called Mail Merge 101:


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