Monday, January 16, 2006

Problems w/ Sprint PPC-6700 & Activesync

Realizing that a good amount of my time is spent on my Sprint PPC-6700, I recently started having problems w/ Activesync and my Small Business Server 2003 being overly friendly... Namely, the error code 0x85010014 continued to reoccur whenever it wanted.

Several items to remedy the issue:

1) Ensure that your version is OK on your IIS 6 websites. Mainly, check out the Microsoft-Activesync-Server, Exchange, Exchweb, etc. for correct versions.

2) Ensure that your directory authenication/security is in line w/ default values. Please review the following for more information:

3) Check here for a great fix that helped lock in the changes:;en-us;817379

After you hit all the open changes, try it again... So far, several hours from my fixes, all is working well again!

Best of luck!

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